All Faculty, Staff, Undergraduate and Graduate Students must purchase a decal to park on campus at anytime. Permits for each new academic year must be displayed no later than the first day of classes. Parking permit fees are regularly reviewed by the Board of Trustees and may be changed without otherwise affecting these regulations. Permits may be purchased from University Police, located in Weizenblatt Hall.

Freshman Students

Freshmen resident students (including freshman transfer students) are not permitted to bring cars to campus for the duration of their freshman year (fall through spring semesters) or whom have not completed at least one (1) full academic year at an institution of higher education. This includes students who have enough credits to be considered sophomores at any time during their first academic year at UNC Asheville. Freshman students may apply for a Freshman Parking Waiver if they have special circumstances. Freshmen who are granted a waiver will be notified by Parking and Transportation Services of their designated parking location and any additional policies not stated here.

Residential and Non-residential Students

All residential students must park in lots specifically designated for residential students (including on evenings, weekends, and holidays); refer to the Campus Map for specific lot numbers and locations. Residential students may not park in non-residential or faculty/staff lots at any time. Nonresidential students must park in lots specifically for non-residential students, and they may not park in residential student lots; they may park in faculty/staff lots after normal business hours M-F from 5 p.m. to 7:30 a.m., and on weekends.


All visitors bringing a vehicle to campus must register for a permit. To register a vehicle, visit:

A general visitor is any person on the campus of UNC Asheville who is neither a student, graduate student, North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement (NCCCR) member, service personnel, Board of Trustees, facility user, faculty member, staff member, temporary employee, nor adjunct faculty member and visits campus less than eight times per semester (Spring Semester, Combined Summer Sessions, and Fall Semester).