BYOB Policy (The Grotto, Highsmith Union)


This policy governs only those events held in the Grotto of the Highsmith University Union at which persons of legal drinking age may bring and consume alcoholic beverages (limited to beer and wine as noted below) at the event. Such events will be classified as “BYOB” events and must be approved in advance, meet specified guidelines and occur in the approved location (The Grotto, unless granted special permission). This policy is referenced in and subordinate to the University Policies, Regulations and Procedures concerning alcohol.


The purpose of a BYOB policy for Highsmith Union is:

  1. To provide an on-campus option for responsible and legal consumption of alcohol beverages that accompanies participation in a planned on-campus social or entertainment event.
  2. To respond to feedback from students that such events would positively affect student life, campus participation and offer an inclusive atmosphere for our nonresidential students (as many are 21 and over).
  3. To reinforce and further promote the University’s commitment to responsible drinking by students of legal age.
  4. To educate and provide a structure for how to plan and implement a social event at which alcoholic beverages are present and demonstrate the appropriate behavior at such events.
  5. To empower students to develop, implement and monitor a successful program to serve the social needs of our students.

Governing Principles

The University of North Carolina at Asheville prohibits and does not condone the illegal, irresponsible or abusive use of alcoholic beverages. The University will enforce federal, state and local laws, as well as University Policies and the Student Code of Community Standards.

A. BYOB Event Registration
Only university organizations may register for and sponsor a BYOB event; for the purpose of this policy, the term ‘university organizations’ includes registered student groups and university departments or offices. All organizations as deemed by this definition must petition in writing (complete a form) for approval to hold a BYOB event on campus 4 weeks in advance; forms are available at the Student Activities office.  Once the needed paperwork has been completed (including an approved time-line, list of requirements, and an understanding of policy compliance), the document must be signed by the Director of Student Activities and the Dean of Students to ensure all necessary requirements for the event have been met. For university departments or offices, the BYOB Event Request Form must be signed by their designated Dean/Director and the Dean of Students.

B. Policy Compliance
The organization sponsoring a BYOB event is responsible for policy compliance and is expected to have certain members designated to monitor compliance at the event (the number of designated members will be determined in advance by the Director of Student Activities, based on the anticipated size of the event). Failure to comply with all elements of this policy and BYOB Procedure may result in the loss of the privilege to sponsor a BYOB event as well as possible action through the Citizenship Education Process (for students) as well as law enforcement (for both the organization and/or individual students). Specifically, the sponsoring organization is responsible for

  • Appropriately registering the event according to this policy.
  • Ensuring compliance with all elements of this policy, BYOB Procedure, other related policies and procedures.
  • Work with the Student Activities staff to ensure that only individuals of appropriate age possess or consume alcohol and that overtly intoxicated individuals do not possess or consume alcohol.
  • Work with the Student Activities staff to ensure attendance for the event does not exceed the fire code of 84 participants for the Grotto.
  • Ensuring that no drinking games or other activities that promote or encourage the rapid consumption of alcohol occur.
  • Preventing any damage that could occur to the facility during a BYOB event.
  • Controlling the size of the event to comply with all safety and occupancy standards.
  • Complying with any directives from the designated BYOB event staff, Highsmith University Union staff, campus police or other university official.

C. Amounts and Types of Alcoholic Beverages

The amount of alcoholic beverage a person (of legal drinking age) may bring to a BYOB event is four (4), twelve (12 oz) cans or bottles of beer or malt beverage or four (4) 187 ml bottles of wine may be brought per individual. Hard liquor, fortified wines, high gravity beer or spirits, or any caffeinated alcoholic beverage will not be permitted.

D. Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Soft drinks and/or non-alcoholic beverages must also be made available to attendees and featured in the same location and during the same time as alcoholic beverages at BYOB events (this will be arranged by SAIL once the event has received approval).  Food must also be made available and must be more substantial than simply chips, etc.  During the approval process, options for food can be discussed. The cost of food is covered by the sponsoring organization.

E. Event Promotion
Promotional materials must mention that the event is BYOB and must mention the maximum amounts and types of alcoholic beverages allowed. The focus of the program and promotion cannot be the BYOB component.

F.    BYOB Procedure
All individuals attending a BYOB event, who bring or plan to consume alcohol must provide a government issued ID  (students must also bring UNC Asheville ID) and obtain a numbered wristband from a BYOB SAIL Staff Member at the event.  All UNC Asheville students must be 17 years or older for admittance. When guests are permitted at a BYOB event, UNC Asheville students may bring 2 (two) guests however, number of guests may be limited at the discretion of the Director of Student Activities, Dean of Students or their designee. Non-student guests of UNC Asheville students MUST be 18 years of age or over and have a government issued ID.  Due to safety concerns, young children are not allowed on premise for BYOB events.

All alcoholic beverages carried into the building/event must be in an opaque bag. No one may carry visible alcohol containers in to (or from) the event or building.

In addition to the numbered wristband, all individuals who bring alcohol to a BYOB even will also receive a BYOB Event Punch Card that includes the following information:

  • Event title & date
  • Attendee’s name
  • Attendee’s wrist band number
  • Type & Quantity of Beverage they brought with them
  • Tracking Area – Student Activities staff member will use a hole punch to mark the card each time they serve a participant a beverage.

All alcoholic beverages at the BYOB event must be dispensed by the trained concessions server(s) and are University staff (unless otherwise approved).

All alcoholic beverages must be checked in at the concessions area and logged by theConcessions Server(s). Event attendees must check out their beverages from the server. Only one beverage may be checked out at a time. At the conclusion of the event, of age event attendees who have checked in alcoholic beverages may take their remaining beverages with them.  If it is determined that an event participant has provided alcohol to an underage person, both individuals will be asked to leave by Student Activities Staff. University Police will be contacted and a citation and/or campus Citizenship Education referral may result. University police will dispose of the individual’s remaining alcohol.

Event participants engaging in inappropriate or disruptive behavior and/or who appear intoxicated will be asked to leave. University Police will be contacted and a citation and/or campus Citizenship Education referral may result. University police will dispose of the individual’s remaining alcohol.  If there is a belief a person is highly intoxicated, University Police and EMS will be notified by Student Activities Staff.  Upon the close of the event, the sponsoring organization will assist with the appropriate recycling of containers from the event, as well as any related cleanup as requested by the Student Activities Staff.

The Student Activities staff will dispose of any alcoholic beverages left at the conclusion of the approved BYOB event.