Residence Hall Temporary Reassignment and Restriction

Upon receipt of credible allegations of Code violations, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (or designee) may temporarily reassign a resident to another facility and/or restrict a resident from specific University facilities pending the Student Conduct Process whenever:

  • the student’s continued presence in a particular campus facility would constitute a danger to the resident or to the safety of persons or property in the residence halls/apartments and campus facilities; or
  • the seriousness of the allegation(s) warrants such action.

The Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (or designee) shall grant an immediate review (within 36 hours  after the temporary reassignment and/or restriction) on request of any student so reassigned and/or restricted with respect to the basis for such a reassignment and/or restriction. Students must be in compliance with the terms of their interim reassignment/restriction at the time of their request for such a review.