Respect for Health & Safety

Students shall comply with all environmental, health, and safety requirements, including Environmental Health and Safety Policies and Procedures and fire safety policies. Therefore:

  1. Students shall not engage in any activity or behavior that creates a threat to the safety and well-being of themselves, the environment, or others; or engage in acts that compromise the safety of the University community. 
  2. Students shall not set or attempt to set unauthorized fires, or act in a manner that disregards fire safety policies and procedures and results in a fire. 
  3. No student shall set off false fire alarms; maliciously discharge fire extinguishers; or damage, tamper with, dismantle, or disconnect fire safety systems or equipment. Students who violate this policy will be held accountable financially, through a sanction, or both. 
  4. Students must evacuate any University facility (residence hall, academic building, library, etc.) when the fire alarm is activated.