Respect for Property

Respect for property means recognizing not only the ownership rights of persons and of the University, but also the dependence of all on the availability and preservation of necessary facilities and equipment. The following violations are specifically prohibited:

  1. Offenses against property. No student shall take, possess, damage, litter, or deface (with graffiti instruments, or otherwise tamper with) any property not their own on the University campus or on any University property. This includes, but is not limited to, University furniture, traffic cones, computer equipment, access control systems or facilities. Tampering with building technology not limited to door controls, audio visual equipment, and elevator controls is prohibited. No student shall override room thermostat systems to drastically alter room temperature. Any costs to repair, replace, restore, or clean University property to its original condition will be assessed to individuals and/or groups responsible for damaging or defacing such property in addition to any other outcomes which may be imposed. 
  2. Bicycles, motor vehicles, mopeds, roller skates of any kind, roller blades, and skateboards are prohibited on campus sidewalks and walkways. A University citation may be issued for violation of this regulation.