Respect for Security of Buildings, Facilities, Campus, and Motor Vehicle/Parking Policies

Students may enter and use all campus buildings and areas for the purposes assigned to these facilities and places. There may, however, be times when some campus facilities and spaces are unavailable due to safety, personal use and privacy, protection of valuable materials and equipment, or to regulate access during off-hours. When buildings or spaces are closed or restricted, this limited access applies to all students unless otherwise specifically stated. The following policies apply to the security of buildings, facilities, the campus, and motor vehicle/parking policies:

  1. Unauthorized keys or access: No student shall transfer, duplicate, use, or possess any ID card, key card, or combination to a University building that they are not specifically authorized to use or possess. 
  2. Unauthorized entrance or unauthorized presence: No student shall break into or enter without authorization any University building, room or facility; nor shall any student enter, or remain in, any private room or office of any student, faculty member, administrative officer, or other person on University property without the express permission of any person or persons authorized to use that office or live in that room; nor shall any unauthorized student enter or remain in any University building or facility at a time when that facility is officially closed; nor shall any student assist or make possible the unauthorized entrance or unauthorized presence of any person. 
  3. Restricted areas: No student shall enter into or upon any clearly access-restricted area; nor shall any student enter an academic building after hours; nor shall any student assist or make possible the unauthorized entry of any person into any clearly access-restricted area. Restricted areas include but are not limited to: roofs, art installations, posted or enclosed construction sites, and secured utility areas. 
  4. Guest responsibility (campus-wide): When a student has a guest on campus, the student assumes responsibility for the conduct of that guest. Guests shall adhere to all campus policies including alcohol and drug policies, Community Standards building/facility guest policies, and motor vehicle/parking policies. Guests must be escorted by their student host at all times. 
  5. Motor Vehicle/Parking policies: 
    • No student shall display, alter, manufacture, transfer, use, or possess handicap, faculty/staff, resident, commuter, state, or service/emergency vehicle parking permits they are not authorized to possess, i.e., that were found, issued to another person, or taken without permission.  
    • No student is permitted to park a motor vehicle in any designated or reserved parking space without authorization. Authorization means that you have obtained and displayed the appropriate parking decal. 
    • No student is permitted to park their motor vehicle in any designated handicap parking space without a valid and visible handicap plate, permit, or decal. In addition to motor vehicle/parking fines levied on the campus, repeat offenders of University motor vehicle/parking policies may be asked to remove their vehicle(s) from the campus for a period of time or permanently. A hold may be placed on a student account until University motor vehicle/parking fines are paid and/or University Service assigned as a result of a violation of this section is completed.
  6. Compromising community security: Propping open outside doors, unlocking lounge windows, using windows or balconies to enter and exit buildings, using unauthorized doors for entering or leaving the building, is prohibited.