XIII. Appendix

  1. Academic integrity: Intellectual honesty is a cornerstone of all academic and scholarly work. Academic dishonesty includes any act that is designed to obtain fraudulently, either for oneself or for someone else, academic credit, grades, or other recognition that is not properly earned or that adversely affects another’s grade. Therefore, the University views any form of academic dishonesty as a very serious matter. Any member of the academic community may bring forward an accusation of academic dishonesty. Read more here.
  2. Research Misconduct: Cases involving allegations of scholarly/scientific misconduct in the course of the University’s research programs and activities (whether sponsored or not) are governed by the provisions of University Research Misconduct Policy. This policy is in compliance with federal policies promulgated by the Office of Research Integrity, within the Public Health Service.
  3. The CARE Team: The Campus Assessment, Response, and Education (CARE) Team is an interdisciplinary unit that works collaboratively to provide intervention, resources, and assistance to students that are struggling with their success at UNC Asheville. College is a time of continual growth and transition and some of these transitions and life events may spark personal crises that inhibit a student’s personal and academic success. The CARE Team partners with faculty, staff, students, parents, and families to address these concerns and ensure the health and safety of all our students. Members of the Team include representatives from the Dean of Students Office, Residence Life, Academic Success, Academic Accessibility, Campus Safety, and the Health and Counseling Center. If you are concerned about your student and are not sure what office or department would best help you address the concern, please complete the CARE Referral Form as soon as possible.
  4. Useful Links

    1. Terms of Occupancy
    2. Alcoholic Beverage Policy
    3. Technology Policies
    4. Campus Posting Policy
    5. Fraternity and Sorority Life
    6. Smoking Policy
    7. Academic Integrity Policies
    8. Research Misconduct
    9. University Policies
    10. Collegiate Recovery