II. Authority

The Code of the University of North Carolina, Section 502 D (3) states:

Subject to any policies or regulations of the Board of Governors or of the board of trustees, it shall be the duty of the chancellor to exercise full authority in the regulation of student affairs and student conduct and discipline. In the discharge of this duty, delegation of such authority may be made by the chancellor to faculty committees and to administrative or other officers of the institution or to agencies of student government, in such manner and to such extent as may by the chancellor be deemed necessary and expedient. In the discharge of the chancellor’s duty with respect to matters of student discipline, it shall be the duty of the chancellor to secure to every student the right to due process. Appeals from these student conduct decisions are allowable only on the following grounds:

  • a violation of due process; or
  • a material deviation from Substantive and Procedural Standards adopted by the Board of Governors

Where the sanction is suspension or expulsion, an appeal may be made to the Board of Trustees. No appeal to the President of the University of North Carolina is permitted. When the sanction is expulsion, the final campus decision is appealable to the Board of Governors.

At UNC Asheville, the Chancellor has designated the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs as the officer responsible for the policies related to student conduct. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs has, in turn, designated the Dean of Students as the person responsible for the administration of this code.

The Dean shall determine the composition of committees/boards and appeal bodies and determine which body shall be authorized to hear each case. The Dean shall develop policies for the administration of the community standards and citizenship education program and procedural rules for the resolution of cases which are consistent with the provisions of this code. The Director of Residential Education and Citizenship Education and the Assistant Director of Residential Education are the persons designated by the dean to be the primary case managers for all violations of this code.

A citizenship education committee may be designated as arbiter of disputes within the student community in cases which do not involve a violation of this code. All parties must agree to arbitration and to be bound by the decision with no right of appeal.